Entrepreneurial spirit for young art

REIGN OF ART was created out of the desire to share our passion for art. It is our personal goal to make emerging art accessible to a broader audience and connect young artists with art lovers and collectors on an international scale. We believe that contemporary art becomes relevant when it is seen and consumed by the contemporary generation.

© Vera Tammen

We met during our studies in London. Sharing a deep appreciation of art, we started to develop the idea of an online gallery for young contemporary artists. The internet allows us to present young emerging artists even before they establish a name for themselves in the art market. Information about young artists becomes accessible even for those who are not part of the current art scene. Most importantly; the prices for the artworks of our promising artists are affordable, allowing art enthusiasts also with small budgets to become collectors.

We have both always been interested in art and made our first experiences in the art market relatively early on. In the beginning, we belonged to the group of passive observers who visit exhibitions and art fairs. Later on each of us took over a more active role during our jobs at a gallery and an auction house. However, with more experience and insight, we continued questioning the mechanisms of the art market and feel we have valuable contributions to offer.

Although art is regarded as a common good, only a very small portion of the population has access to the contemporary art scene. It is wonderful to admire the works of established artists in renowned institutions, but these museum visits often fail to initiate a deeper personal dialogue with art. A subjective reference point is needed to spark true passion for art where after one begins to truly enjoy it. Unfortunately, many people today lack the proximity and time to involve themselves with the inspiring experience of art. Moreover, many people think art is always expensive and therefore never seriously consider buying and owning art themselves. They hear about crazy auction results but usually do not know what is happening now in the art scene of today.

REIGN OF ART can make a difference. Our motto is "emerging artists for emerging collectors" - we are thrilled to bring art lovers and artists of our generation together!

Sophie Charlotte Kestler und Erika Riesenkampff