Our mission statement

REIGN OF ART creates a full circle experience between up and coming new artists and art enthusiasts. We support and encourage the personal development of each of our artists and help them to position themselves in the art market.
Art lovers can discover new compelling artistic positions on our website and accompany our young artist along their path of popularity. The purchase of artwork at REIGN OF ART directly contributes to the advancement of young contemporary art.

The reign of art

"What is art?" is a question which is continuously posed. True art can’t be constrained in narrow definitions. It can take on all forms and can illicit a myriad of different reactions from the observer. It casts a spell on us and repels us, unites and polarizes, evokes questions and awakens our desires. Art demands our undivided attention and directly affects us. When we allow ourselves to be affected by art a dialogue ensues. REIGN OF ART is dedicated to this artistic dialogue and exchange.