“Emerging artists for emerging collectors”

REIGN OF ART is an internet gallery for contemporary art dedicated to the advancement of emerging artists. Our goal is to connect young artists with art enthusiasts and collectors across the globe.
REIGN OF ART offers a platform of opportunity to experience art irrespective of time and space. Art lovers can visit our web site (www.reignofart.com) in the solitude of their own homes and discover interesting, new artists and their creations as well as purchase the artwork of their choice directly. Then, art can triumph over our daily lives – this is the prerogative of REIGN Of ART to break through the constraints and barriers between cultural and personal living space.

Floating gallery

REIGN OF ART also creates a direct personal connection to the artists and their works. We regularly organize temporary exhibitions in rotating cities in order to present the artworks in all their vibrant originality.

Propelling young artists

REIGN OF ART profiles current artistic trends before they gain popularity and marketability in the art scene. We focus upon those artists whose individual positions and perspectives inspire and enthuse. All of our artists are art students and graduates who are at the beginning of their artistic careers. Each one is chosen according to strict guidelines and with the guidance of experienced art experts.
We cultivate close bonds with our artists and invest intense focus, support and attention upon their process of artistic expression. This creates the foundation of trust necessary for a successful collaboration and allows us to guarantee the quality of our selection.

Original art at affordable prices

The quality of art should be judged independently from its market value or the popularity of the artist. Authenticity and originality are more deciding factors to be considered. Therefore, REIGN OF ART only offers unique and original artworks including photographs and prints in strictly limited editions. The fact that our talented artists are at the beginning of their careers allows REIGN of ART to offer their artworks at moderate prices in spite of their high artistic quality.