The transformation of reality

What is the difference between painting and photography, not in technical but in aesthetic terms? My work focuses on the transformation of media and the irritation arising form such translations. A model can be viewed as a painting and likewise a photograph can be viewed as a drawing. This convergence of media appears significant to me as it illustrates the general uncertainty concerning the increasingly complex imagery of today’s world.

Detachment or dislocation, and ultimately decontextualization are created by the image itself. The technical principles of digital-photographic images cause visual variations and automatic interpretations of what we may perceive as real. It is my intention to reveal these variations and transfer them into a virtual, imaginary space. 

The commonly accepted authenticity of photography can be implemented to create a fascinating conflict between the real and the ideal. In my work I do not propagate manipulated fiction but rather reality reveals itself as a fragile construct, imbued with unlikely perfection.

The interaction between the supposedly typical and the uniqueness of an existing situation particularly intrigues me. The photographic image uncovers this uniqueness that usually remains unnoticed. However, the purity and perfection of the images, that make them seem like artificially embellished surrogates of reality, is rarely complete. Although the threshold between reality and illusion is blurred evidence of an authentic image can be found in the detail. The beholder embarks on a search for the photographic authenticity that he didn’t expect at first.


Johannes Kersting, 2010


born 1979.

Lives and works in Nuremberg.


2001-2007 Studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg under Prof. Hans-Peter Reuter  
2007 Postgraduate "Meisterschüler" program under Prof. Hans-Peter Reute  
Studied photography and new media art at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design under Prof. Elger Esser and Prof. Mischa Kuball  
2008-2009 Artistic assistant of Prof. Michael Bielicky  
Since 2009 Teaching position for photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg  


Solo exhibitions / projects

2008 „Feldforschung", Zumikon, Nuremberg
2010 „Johannes Kersting", Kunst-Art-Arte, Gallery Hauser-Hofmann, Thayngen (Switzerland)
  „Stadt Land Bild”, Gallery Sima, Nuremberg


Group exhibitions (selection)

2002 „Dieter2", Zumikon, Nuremberg
2003 „Digustare Art", (Italy)
2006 „Der große Saloon 2007“, Saloon Gallery, Karlsruhe
2007 „For Attention“, Gallery Sima, Nuremberg
  „1A18“, Lothringer 13, Munich
  „Anonyme Zeichner No. 6“, Blütenweiß e.V., Berlin
  „How to look at Venice“, Galleria Contemporaneo, Mestre (Italy)
  „Start Point“, Gallery Klatovy, Klattau (Czech Republic)
2008 Kunst-Art-Arte, Gallery Hauser-Hofmann Thayngen (Switzerland)
  „Contemporary Art Ruhr Forum 08“, Kokerei, Essen
2009 „Skioptikon 2009”, project "Blaue Nacht", Nuremberg
  „Tago Mago”, Galerie Fúcares/Hospital San Juan de Dios, Almagro (Spain)
  „Wahlheimat”, ZKM/Nancyhalle, Karlsruhe
  „I'll keep my secret inside”, Canon Plex Gallery, Seoul (South Korea)
  „Six views on photography”, Gallery de Zaal, Delft (Netherlands)
  „ALPINEUM minimale”, Alpineum Produzentengalerie, Luzern (Switzerland)
2011 „REIGN OF ART Berlin“, Gallery Reign of Art, Berlin
  “Arbeiten auf Papier", Kunst-Art-Arte, Hauser-Hofmann Gallery, Thayngen, (Switzerland)
  „REIGN OF ART Frankfurt“, Gallery Reign of Art, Frankfurt
  „Legal U-Turn“, Plattform 3/3, Friedrichshafen


Prizes / scolarships

2006 Academy prize of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg  
2006-2007 Scolarship granted by the State of Bavaria  
2007 Wolfgang Eibl-Prize, Laufer Kunstförderpreises  
2011 Catalogue production by the LfA-Förderbank
2012 DAAD scolarship for Northamerica


Catalogues/ publications

2003 „Digustare Art"
2007 „How to look at Venice“,  Galleria Contemporaneo, Mestre (Italy)
  „1234567”, Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design
  „Anonyme Zeichner No. 6”, limited edition, Blütenweiß e.V., Berlin
  „Start Point 2007”, Gallery Klatovy/Klenová, Klatovy (Czech Republic)
2008 „.temp”, Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design
2009 „Tago Mago”, Galería Fúcares, Almagro/Madrid (Spain)
  „Chronik” , publication of the "Meisterschüler" class of the Karslruhe University of Arts and Design
  „Die unendliche Schleife”, publication, Zumikon / Institute for Moderne Art, Nuremberg
2010 „Johannes Kersting – Fotografie und Malerei”, Hauser Hofmann - Kunst-Art-Arte, Thayngen (Switzerland)
2011 „Stadt Land Bild", Gallery Sima, Nuremberg