My geometric paintings are tangible physical counterparts. They are colored rhythmic structures manifested in surface. As independent objects they are subject to the laws of sensory perception. My intention is to achieve an intuitive order in each painting, which will reveal itself in a subjective way to the eye of the beholder.

My works evolve through a process of stringing colors together to passages by positioning them next to each other and on top of each other. Each color and area is equally important in determining the whole. The traces left by adding and removing layers of color are an integral part of the final artworks and tell the story of their creation.

This process-based approach to dealing with color is central to my artwork. During the creation process each step gradually brings me closer to the concept I have formed in my mind. This concept is expressed in the artwork’s rhythm and volume which largely depend on the color and the materiality of the surface.

To me, my paintings are both expressive and contemplative. They express my personal feelings and create new perceptions in each beholder by striking an inner chord.

born 1981 in Hamburg.

Lives and und works in Berlin.


2003-2009 Studied painting at the Berlin University of Arts (UdK)
  Postgraduate „Meisterschüler" program under Prof.  Frank Badur



2004 "...auf Papier", Class Prof. Frank Badur, UdK Berlin
  "Cross the River", Berlin
2006 "End of Term", Painting Department, GSA, Glasgow
  "Ausser Haus", Berlin
2007 "mention", UdK Berlin
  "Multiples/ Vielfaches", Cite des arts, Chambery, France
2008 "Die fünfte Ecke", Berlin
  "Absolventen-Ausstellung", UdK Berlin
  Exhibition for the Prize winner of the Helmut-Thoma-Prize, UdK Berlin
2009 "DUAL", Gallery Andrieu, Berlin
  "Drei Farben: Berlin", Gallery Matthew Bown, Berlin
  "Talpas Labyrinth", 06. Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin
  "Meisterschüler-Ausstellung", UdK Berlin
2010 "fünf abstrakt", Gallery Koppenhagen und Karnahl, Berlin
2011 "Malen im Speck – Diese Fülle macht mich arm", Orangerie of the castle Rheda, Rheda-Wiedenbrück
"Malen im Speck II", 48-Std-Neukölln, Artspace 120läuft, Berlin
  REIGN OF ART Frankfurt, Gallery REIGN OF ART, Frankfurt
  "La Cabane", House at the Lützowplatz, Berlin
  "Tendenzen", 08. Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin



2006 Erasmus scolarship for the Glasgow School of Art
2007 Helmut-Thoma-Prize for graphic, UdK Berlin
2008 Travel scolarship from the Akademia Wilanowska, Warsaw



2007 "Multiples / Vielfaches", Cité des arts, Chambery, France
2009 "Talpas Labyrinth", 06. Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin